People Experience

Ensuring better business outcomes by delivering better people experiences

  Cracking the Code:  Cx + Ex = Px

Creating a great customer experience (or Cx) is essential for businesses in today's world. Poor service experiences can go viral in a matter of moments and reviews sit on dozens of sites that companies may not even be able to moderate. Consumers also have high expectations for speed, accessibility, personalization and quality, while customer behavior has simultaneously deteriorated in recent years.  This environment means that companies must be focused on having the vision, tools, and delivery processes for providing a great customer experience if they want to stay relevant and keep people coming back. Is your Cx strategy delivering?

But customer experience is just part of the equation. Businesses also need to focus on creating a great employee experience (Ex), because employees deliver innovation, operations, and ultimately the customer experience. While there has been a lot of focus on the work environment in the last few years, there is still a lot of opportunity to evolve and elevate the entire employee experience. Does your Ex set you apart?

Ex and Cx aren't different domains, however, thought they are likely managed by different teams in your organization today. Combined, Ex and Cx are really just people experiences (Px), and both evolve from  your company's values and culture.  By ensuring that Cx and Ex are aligned and efforts are appropriately linked, organizations can deliver more impact and greater return on their investment in experience creation.  At Tangata, we work across the spectrum of people experiences to create sustainable results and deliver on commitments to customers, partners, and employees!


How We Deliver Outstanding People Experiences

Marketing Strategy & Innovation

In today's interconnected world, you need a marketing and communication strategy that supports your brand around the clock, across all channels, and considers the experience of all your user groups.

More than social media management, website design, or email campaigns, our comprehensive approach to marketing and communication innovation strategy spans the entire lifecycle of your clients, customers, members, and employees.

Change Management & Learning & Development

Everyone knows that change can be difficult, whether in your personal life or work. Effective change management means identifying the changes, communicating them, and getting in front of any possible resistance. At Tangata, we believe that all management is change management, and we help our clients skill up their team’s capability to adapt to the rapid pace of change in today’s business climate.

Our approach is deeply rooted in focus on lasting behavioral change. We accomplish this through our previous experience and team expertise in supporting highly customized change experiences. We focus on capturing measurable progress against key success criteria with frequent measurement and updates to ensure we have provided an adaptable framework for effective content creation and experience delivery.

Visual & Strategic Communications

At Tangata, we understand that people experience the world around them through visual communications. Everything from the products they use to marketing and communication messages that bombard them every day.

The Tangata team has a deep understanding of marketing and communications, and we're passionate about creating experiences that people will remember. Whether it's a website, a product, internal learning materials, or an event, we strive to create visuals that will engage and inspire people.

If you're looking for a partner to help you create an unforgettable people experience, contact us today.