With experience in industries ranging from aerospace to technical services, Tangata's leadership team is comprised of individuals bringing decades of success across a wide variety of disciplines. Their broad areas of expertise include strategy, change management, operational excellence, data analytics, workforce management, program management, and people and culture.

Meet the Leadership Team

Christina Rothenberger
Founder & Managing Director
Christina is the founder and managing director of Tangata, LLC. She leads the firm, drawing on nearly two decades of global experience with Fortune 100 companies. Christina also has significant experience with private and family-owned companies, and excels in transformation and turn-around situations. She is a speaker and author of Human, Not Resources, a practical guide for business leaders and people practitioners seeking to deliver sustainable business outcomes by putting their people first.
Daryn Rothenberger
Operations Practice Lead

Daryn is the Operations and Manufacturing Practice Lead of Tangata, LLC. He brings extensive hands-on experience in manufacturing methods, business operations, safety practices, quality management, process development and team leadership. He has driven success in many manufacturing industries including aerospace, defense and power generation. With broad knowledge of regulated industries and industrial certification requirements, Daryn helps organizations create a culture of quality.

Glenn Giles
Growth and Strategy Practice Lead

Glenn is the Growth and Strategy Practice Lead of Tangata, LLC. He brings a storied career spanning the public and private sectors with experience in cloud technology, SaaS, app development, telecommunications, procurement, capture management, operations, start-ups, business development, management consulting, homeland security, and non-profit entities. Having served in successful C-suite roles himself, he offers clients unique visibility into what could be, coupled with practical, real-world experience. He enjoys helping individuals and organizations succeed and grow by assisting in drafting the roadmap and removing obstacles to allow them to realize their true potential.

Kaitlin Topolski
Technology Enablement Practice Lead

Kaitlin is the Technology Enablement Practice Lead of Tangata, LLC. She has a demonstrated history of working with a variety of technology solutions, including the selection and implementation of solutions with global reach and impact to dispersed workforces. She has a deep history of working in the human resources field and her talents and skills cross into analytics, process improvement, and user experience. She has broad systems experience including HCMs, workforce management and learning management platforms, among others. Kaitlin focuses on fostering collaboration and communication across different departments, discovering innovative ways to keep pace with stakeholder expectations, and revamping day-to-day work processes by utilizing technologies to support new processes.

Kerry Hassen
Marketing and Communication Innovations Practice Lead

Kerry is the Marketing and Communication Innovations Practice Lead of Tangata, LLC. She brings vast experience as a marketing, brand, and social business strategist with extensive knowledge in managing multiple digital, social, web, and traditional platform strategies. Her years of marketing experience provide her with a unique perspective on the importance of a fully integrated marketing campaign. With a passion for the ‘always on’ channels, she possesses a unique combination of strategy development and tactical implementation experience in digital and traditional marketing channels that she is enthusiastic about bringing to her clients.

Tyler Jones
Strategic Change Advisory and User Adoption Practice Lead

Tyler is the Strategic Change Advisory and User Adoption Practice Lead of Tangata, LLC. He brings proven change management experience from organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries, including government, retail, pharmaceutical and financial services. He is adept at uncovering and documenting both the current and future state of organizational processes to fully understand what it will take to introduce change with minimal disruption to the business. He strongly believes that by treating people with kindness, respect, and honesty, all organizations can help their employees successfully navigate the change curve and achieve rapid adoption. 

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