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Organizations face more complexity than ever before, which is why our clients turn to us for insight and tailored support, to navigate technology, growth, acquisitions, integrations and transformations. Our team crosses disciplines, industries and domains with ease, providing holistic and integrated solutions to a wide array of business and people challenges. While we have deep expertise in a number of domains, our team also collaborates cross-functionally to ensure solutions are not siloed and deliver on your big picture vision. Click on our practice areas to learn more.

Strategic Advisory & Operational Excellence | Portfolio, Program & Project Management | Technology Enablement & Transformation | Change Management and Learning Facilitation | Data Management & Analytics | Marketing & Communication Innovation


Strategic Advisory & Operational Excellence

We have the breadth of perspectives and depth of experience to develop strategic plans to help achieve optimal and sustainable results, by creating a custom approach tailored to each unique situation. With the end, having explored future possibilities, we assist you in evaluating operational processes, using data to improve decision making and re-imagining people experiences.

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Collaboration and Learning


Portfolio, Program & Project Management

We can provide recommendations and evaluation criteria for your business leaders assessing Portfolio, Program & Project Management solutions, by providing a custom adaptive Portfolio process flow and assisting with a best choice for current providers.

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Sequencing and Planning


Technology Enablement and Transformation

From technology selection through implementation, testing, and user adoption, we enable our clients to get the most from their technology investments.


Needs Analysis

ERP or Best in Breed?  A SCM or P2P solution?  Before you even start looking for technology, it is critical to know what your business needs, and where technology will make a positive impact, not distract you.

Technology Selection

With hundreds of technology solutions in the market for virtually every need, finding the right solution is daunting.  But with a clear understanding of your needs, we can help you manage the selection process and negotiate your technology contracts.

Implementation Planning & Support

Most projects have a slim chance of success.  With the right planning, technical expertise, and exhaustive testing, we can help ensure that your technology transformation crosses the finish line.

Achieving Adoption

Most businesses rarely achieve the expected ROI from their technology investments, not because they selected the wrong technology, but because they didn't focus on achieving adoption.  Our people-centered approach goes beyond training and helps you build processes and behaviors that get the most from your technology.


Change Management & Learning Facilitation

We believe that all management is change management and help our clients skill-up their team’s capability to adapt to the rapid pace of change in today’s business climate.

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Coaching and adoption


Data Management & Analytics

Today's organizations have access to more data than ever before, and yet many leaders are still challenged with the speed of decision making, lack of insights, and the ability to use data proactively. And despite data warehouses and cloud solutions, meaningful insights are still extracted from spreadsheets and manual dashboards. From developing a strategy for data that creates a competitive advantage, to master data management design and predictive analytics, let us help you harness the power of your data and enable your leaders to make better decisions.

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Marketing & Communication Innovation

In today's interconnected world, you need a marketing and communication strategy that supports your brand around the clock and across all channels.  More than social media management, website design, or email campaigns, our comprehensive approach to marketing and communication innovation spans the entire lifecycle of your clients, customers, members, or stakeholders. From segmentation and identification that drives inbound marketing to streamlined support channels and contact nurturing, we ensure consistency and clarity in your brand and message.  As a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner, we support your strategy with an industry leading technology for marketing, communication and contact management.


Audience Identification

Effective marketing starts by first identifying the various personas your business would like to target. Then you move on to understanding who they are, what they’re interested in and what motivates them. Only then can you develop a marketing strategy that addresses each persona’s wants or needs in a way that is meaningful and impactful to them.

Experience Creation

Nurturing leads and maintaining customer relationships doesn’t happen without intentional planning and care. From friendly follow-up and deal-closers to upselling and satisfaction surveys, every touchpoint along the way needs to support your brand and build or foster your relationship.

HubSpot Enablement

Content creation, email marketing, premium hosting, SEO optimization, performance insights and more- all in one industry leading tool. Learn how you can manage and grow your business with a fully integrated, easy to use CMS while working with an advisor to help you quickly achieve measurable ROI.

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